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'then write one' is such a fucking shitty response to the desire for more representation in media

guess what? i write shit that i want to see in media all of the goddamn time

and eight thousand fucking notes on my post is proof i am not alone in this desire

people create these things all of the time

but they are kept quiet, their voices are taken and modified for the status quo

don’t ask us ‘to write one’

ask about what happened after we did and why you’ve never heard of it

"Sexuality, too, is fluid, and many people seem to struggle with this, to the point of being actively repulsed and confused by the idea that sexual orientation does not necessarily remain consistent throughout someone’s life. This attitude is harmful for those who do experience shifts in their sexual orientations, but it also stifles conversation and exploration, as people who may be confused about their sexuality who receive this kind of messaging may experience harm that takes years to undo—and in some cases, they may never recover, because they are never given an opportunity to learn who they are and be themselves.

Take, for example, the heterosexual woman who later develops an attraction to women, and begins to identify as bisexual or lesbian. She may have experienced this attraction throughout her life and not picked up on it—perhaps she didn’t meet the right woman, or she was living in a repressive environment where homosexuality was not accepted. Or maybe her sexual orientation actively shifted. The attitudes of those around her will be dismissive and unpleasant, as people attempt to erase both her past as a heterosexual and her present as a gay or bi woman.

Though her sexuality has shifted, she remains fundamentally the same woman. Her past history doesn’t magically vanish, and she may even look back on it with fondness or gratitude for the relationships she had. Likewise, people may move through other sexual orientations depending on circumstances, their current stage of life, and other factors; the asexual who later realizes he’s gay, the lesbian woman who develops a bisexual attraction."

Yes, Sexuality Changes, and Yes, That Is Okay | this ain’t livin’  (via posypup)

I really like this! Sexuality (and gender in my opinion) can be very fluid depending on so many factors. Biggest point I want to make though: never deny someone’s sexual identity.

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Hey everyone! I’m sure you remember this lovely post suggesting fantastic movies of queer ladies. And I thought that I might be of help, and give you links to those movies with some lovely lesbian romance.
To see the summaries of the films, check the post that gave me the idea. They make good summaries, and make them funny too. :)

R O M - C O M S

Kyss Mig(Kiss Me)
The Four-Faced Liar, 
The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love
Saving Face
Nina’s Heavenly Delights
Yes or No
I Can’t Think Straight
Desert Hearts

F U N N Y  S H I T

But I’m a Cheerleader
Itty Bitty Titty Committee

A C T I O N / T H R I L L E R / M Y S T E R Y

The Hunger
Kill for Me
The Moth Diaries

P E R I O D  D R A M A S

The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister
Fingersmith part 1, Fingersmith part 2
Tipping the Velvet episode 1
The Night Watch
Viola di mare
Farewell, My Queen

H O T  A S  F U C K

A Perfect Ending
Elena Undone
When Night Is Falling
Room in Rome


Loving Annabelle
Blue Is the Warmest Colour
Aimée & Jaguar

T E E N A G E R S ?

Lost and Delirious
Show Me Love
Water Lilies
My Summer of Love

T R A N S  W O M E N ?

En Soap
Laurence Anyways


Bye Bye Blondie
The Secrets
The World Unseen

"I reject the idea that we “need” white racial satire. That it’s helping us somehow. That it’s so powerful a tool against oppression that without it we can never end racism. That POC should be grateful for it, because these white people making “ching chong” jokes, in the case of Colbert, and jokes about black men’s penises, in the case of Chelsea Handler, are on our side and somehow making our lives better with their humor. That’s some especially convoluted white savior nonsense. And really, if the white savior narrative had any validity at all (which it doesn’t), it wouldn’t have it in the form of Chelsea Handler, ok?

Consider for a moment, folks, that The Colbert Report isn’t the best we can hope for. That it isn’t the best we can do. That we don’t need it. And that it’s white supremacy (with a heaping helping of patriarchy and male privilege) that tries to convince us otherwise, that tells us that anything white people do to us is okay, as long as they say they’re helping."

— Mia McKenzie, "On Colbert and White Racial Satire: We Don’t Need It" (via ethiopienne)